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OET備試及 題目sharing

last update 12.2.2018
預計2018年中 OET 有所改變

Tips for taking OET
1 Spelling for reading & writing DOES matter
NOT for listening
2 speaking 話唔考medical or nursing knowledge
it's not necessary for you to learn all diseases
BUT it's certainly a benefit for speaking somehow....
As you'll speak with more confidence & make the conversation more interactive!

我準備OET時間個幾月. 除咗做 test paper, 會上網睇下有關health 文章/video. 揾朋友幫我改文. 每日都會做 role play(有護士/教英文/英語比自己好0既幫忙,當然好啦. 無的話, 連我老公英文麻麻,我都會揾佢練.), 另外錄低,聽返自己有咩可改善.

9 apr 2016
My speaking scenario 1
setting: community health Fu.an elderly discharged from hospital after pneumonia.she live alone. Stay at home most of the time. 1.Assess her coping. Medication: Ab tid with meal, aspirin daily.
2 ask about exercise.refer physiotherapy if necessary
3 assess if she manage cooking, washing etc. Refer home help

Scenario 2
Hospital day ward
Pt will have surgery. GA NEED INTUBATION.She has nail polish
1. Ask when she fast
2. Ask allergies,denture, SOB, exercise, difficulty walking stairs, smoking
pt unwilling to remove denture, explain to her
3. Remove jewellery / glass/ contact lens
TELL risk of injuries and INTUBATION

Listening: contraceptives

7 oct 2017(朋友提供)
Listening is about tonsillitis n leukemia
Writing is different from the past paper
Writing a referral letter from a gp's nurse to a day surgery center for the arrangement of colonoscopy
Talking With a mother of 4year boy who is undergrowth in a clinic
Talking with an old man about his ulcer dressing during home visit

4 nov 2017(朋友提供)
Writing: Cellulitis with ulcer, ward nurse refer to clinic nurse for ulcer Mx

Speaking: 1) 有位男士knee受傷有wound,要說服佢停止exercise,同一d wound care
2) 有位老人家fracture左,教佢cast care,同要留意d乜咁

1. Extraction of worm, infection care
2. BPPV and postural vertigo, provides education

Listening: about HIV

13.1.2018 (網友提供)
1)同我2016 Scenario 2 相同
2) ask a man who lost weight and became weak in few months to consult doctor and make an appointment for hm

11.2.2018  (網友提供)
1) you are a nurse in school clinic, a student has fungal skin infection. Explain what is it and persuade her to tell to her parent. Suggests other treatment or management.
2) you are a community nurse, a  patient has received the RT. Explain the side effects and reassure the cancer not to be permanent.
3. A man underwent a total hip surgery. Explain the care and the need to stay in rehabilitation hospital.
4n A man who are scheduled a hernia repair surgery two months later n I need to persuade him to stop smoking two months before the operation

Youtube 有唔少 OET 有用資料.
第一次考 OET就上手
2016 OET 職業英文考試經驗分享(针對寫作
OET 寫作B (2016雪梨考塲)
OET 聽說讀寫準備篇 

想要多d OET 資料,可以留言寫低你0既 gmail. 亦希望大家考完, 分享下你地0既 test questions

2017年9月25日 星期一


last update 6.2.2018

宜家thru agency 去唔同病房工作.有時間, 就係屋企睇下張交更紙, google 下0的 short form, 藥, 問下朋友. 自學中.不過係醫院, IC聽完個 phone order, 自己唔寫, 叫我寫. . 有一次係某教學醫院, Day 1有人派過血壓葯比阿婆, Day 2 寫無葯, Day 3我揾唔到隻葯, 同 ic 講. ic 話佢血壓唔係好高,就算. 阿婆發我脾氣, 話自己食咗咁多年, 日日都食. 我咪fax 去葯房幫佢攞葯. 不過據經驗, stat 葯都成3-4 粒鐘先有. 有時我都替澳洲0的病人慘.

初初我曾經有念頭,唔想係度做nurse. 不過做住Agency, 責任相對唔大,開始習慣啦. 起碼有工作就好了.其實每日都好充實, 好多野可以學.

ACAS: Asymptomatic carotid atherosclerosis study
ACCR: Aged Care client record
AKI: acute kideny injury
APDC: As per Drug Chart
ATOR: At Time of Report
CALD: Culturally and Linguistically Diverse
CTPA: CT pulmonary angiogram
DT: drain tube

DWT: daily weight
FAC : Forearm crutches
FBE: Full blood Exam
FNC: Full nursing care
FWT: Full ward Test = Urine test by Multitix
GAMP: General Anesthetic and Manipulation of Plaster
GEM: Geriatric Evaluation Management
HFR: high fall risk
ICC: intercostal catheter
IDC: indwelling catheter= foley
LOMT: limitation of medical therapy
MCI: mild cognitive impairment
MVA: motor vehicle accident
OP: osteoporosis
PAC: Pressure Area Care
PRC: permanent residential care
PVR: post Void residue 即係做 bladder scan
RACF: Residential aged care facility
RPAO: Routine Post Anaesthetic Orders
RTW: return to ward
STML: Short term memory loss
STS (mobility): Sit-to-Stand
TCP: transition care program
TOV: trial of void
UE: Urea and Electrolyte
WBAT: Weight bearing as tolerated
WBBS: Whole body bone scan

FWD: Full ward Diet
LWD: soft diet, free from fat/ fibre
Vitamised diet= smooth, blend with nutir fluid

有樣同香港好唔同0既野, 就係 nurse intiated medication有 D地方nurse可以initiate lab or radiology test. oncology nurse 可initiate K supplement
度度唔同, 而我見最common 的如下
cough syrup
coloxyl with senna
gastrogel(antacid) 15ml

Chlorvescent.= potassium supplement
Colofac(mebeverine) for IBS
FESS: nasal spray

Klacid = clarithomycin
microlax= microenema
Movical = Marovic
Norspan(opioid) patch for pain
Noxicid= nexium
Prozac for depression
Somac= Panoprazole
Two Cal in drug chart 其實係milk supplement Ensure
Ural= cranberry powder
Zactin= Lovan  (contain Fluoxetine) for depression

DD (S8) see 
Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Medicines and Poisons
Oxycontin (Oxycotin) controlled release

Oxycodone (brand name:Endone,)/oxynorm:  fast acting
tapentadol/ palexia
oxycodone and naloxone.

我係ward 其中一款 infusion pump: Infusomat 有興趣可以睇下點用

氧氣機 Airvo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hqQwy1X5ME

Sara Stedy Lift https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jp31cs9nrb8

Sara Plus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLGSGlX2jgM

澳洲多醉酒佬, 評估 Alcohol withdrawal Scale (AWS)

Diabetes Australia https://www.diabetesaustralia.com.au/blood-glucose-monitoring

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香港護士申請移民, 生活,工作@ 澳洲

last update: 10/10/17


香港護士獨立技術移民澳洲: 申請移民資料

OET備試及 題目sharing

澳洲新生活@Brisbane :剛到步澳洲須知, Brisbane 生活資訊

澳洲揾工, 面試 -- 面試題目, free CPD website
揾工方面: 如果你揾老人院工作, 比較易揾. 醫院方面 Brisbane/ Sunshine coast 好多醫院同Agency要求一年本地經驗. NSW同Victoria 相對容易. 所以我由Brisbane 過咗去Melbourne. 

2017年8月23日 星期三


Last update 29.1.2019

黎咗Melbourne 一個月, 一直在忙.


建議大家開工前, 上 ebay 訂定個 Nurse Pouch Pocket/ bag .印象中三日左右收到. 初初開工無佢, 好唔方便. 反正工作需要, 第時可退稅.
See Nurses claiming work related expense

八月初我係 Knox private hospital 返咗四個 shift. 非常惡做, 頂唔順, 辭職. 每次我同澳洲護士講開呢間醫院, 佢地都話惡做, 好多Agency nurse. 估唔到澳洲醫院咁差. 我覺得佢地 practice 都好求其. 相比我地香港 nursing 做得好好多. 不過我係澳洲工作0既護士朋友叫我唔好咁認真, "認真便輸了",要洗咗香港0個套. ok 我試著去學做一個澳洲護士.

 我係knox private做 full time返過A同p. 頭兩日唔計人頭. 一更睇5-6 cases. 比例好正吧. 偶而有學生, 感恩. 平時一腳踢(餵餐, obs, 倒袋....), 懷念香港有HCA. 我幫阿婆阿伯沖涼/轉身, 要用電腦一個 orderly 0既system , 等一個無medical knowledge 0既assistant 幫我手轉,佢地係唔會抺. 病人藥瑣係patient bedside, 好多stock med. 揾葯好浪費時間, 0的野好亂.藥櫃0的瑣匙, 成日唔見, 唔夠key, 極唔方便. 護士質素參齊. 交更呢, history自己睇交更紙. 初初聽完交更, 都覺得自已唔係好識個case咁.

11/8/17 登記 nursing agency. 12/8/2017 已經有工開. 工作機會好多.
我登記 Angels nursing agency http://www.angelsnursing.com.au/   (中國人 run , 唔建議)
好處 : 我估佢太要人, 應該無揾我D referee
1. 要我比 Aud 200 讀 CPR and first aid (自己報慳返aud 20). 其他 agency 有免費online study
2. 壓價, 話我無澳洲本地驗.壓到得 RN starting .我emal工會反映, 不過工會話, agency自由定價,比到starting 我係合法.
另外Angels 會推介你比 Aud 500 老人院舍 training, 做 volunteer.  train 完, 可以係院舍好多工作喎.

識人登記咗 Aktapid http://aktrapid.com.au/
好處: CPR 網上做題目就可以. Rate 聽聞比 Angels 好.

Working holiday 時我做過mediserve AIN https://www.mediserve.com.au/
要準備幾多文件e.g. working with children check , immunisation record, statement of service (計返香港工作時數, 所以建議大家係香港離職前,叫人事部係Certificate of Service 寫埋每週工作時數), 做 online training 等
又係登記, 第日就有工開. 計返晒我香港經驗. 平日hourly rate 比 Angels多 aud10

平時返工,會遇到 Belmore, Your Nursing Agency(YNA) 同 Health care Australia 0既agency nurse
https://www.healthcareaustralia.com.au/ (有朋友推介)

我主要返病房. see


 返過一次High care老人院 . 係老人院, 個supervisor, 自己派完個藥, 自己唔簽, 叫我簽.病人無藥, 就咁寫住無就算, 無人理

係澳洲工作有好有壞, 有忙有唔忙0既地方

2017年7月24日 星期一

new life in australia-- Accommodation and insurance

last update 25.1.2018

short term one 
i suggest airbnb
註冊Airbnb帳號,你的第一趟旅程立減$50 AUD!快點進我的邀請連結:  www.airbnb.com.tw/c/fionc1019 
受邀的亲友仅需通过该链接预订并完成入住,就能赢取AUD 30奖励,

long term one
Real Estate https://www.realestate.com.au/buy
Domain https://www.domain.com.au/
Gumtree https://www.gumtree.com.au/
https://flatmates.com.au/ (朋友覺得幾好用.我見供選擇0既住宿都幾多.不過想send direct message 比屋主要比咗錢先)

我初到Melbourne, 住Airbnb 先. 跟住透過 Real Estate, Domain等網站, 約睇 sharehouse 同無傢俬0既屋.後來透過 Agent 租咗間無傢俬0既屋, 係Facebook, Gumtree, 新足跡, Op shop等買二手傢具.

電同Gas 可以透過以下網站比較下


朋友建議我買Private health insurance, 因同交稅0既差唔多.
有朋友買 medibank, 有人買ahm
參考 澳洲醫保

CTP(第三者傷亡責任保) 登記車時,已經強制買咗
第三者財物保 third part property
朋友用 AAMI https://www.aami.com.au/
RACQ in QLD, RACV in Victoria
Comprehensive car insurance 我買 dodo https://www.dodo.com/
亦有人推介Bingle https://www.bingle.com.au/

19/12/17 Melbourne 落冰雹,有乒乓波咁大. AAMI, Dodo Comprehensive car insurance 都有提及cover Hail

2017年7月19日 星期三

我的旅遊網址/My trip website

註冊Airbnb帳號,你的第一趟旅程立減$50 AUD!快點進我的邀請連結: https://www.airbnb.com.hk/c/fionc1019?s=12
受邀的亲友仅需通过该链接预订并完成入住,就能赢取AUD 30奖励,

帛琉,台北 Palau and Taipei
Fiji 斐濟 hea 爆鯊魚之旅 26/1-2/2/2012   

關島合家歡自駕遊 2015    

2017年6月26日 星期一

澳洲揾工, 面試

last update 7/11/2017

可能係香港揾護士工作, 太容易吧. 我宜家確實覺得係澳洲揾工有難度. 睇返 <小編來解答---工作好不好找?>, 家陣澳洲揾護士工作真係大不如前. 五月時遇到個菲律賓護士, 佢由Canberra 搬黎Brisbane, 因為係Sunshine Coast 揾到工, 佢話自己send 咗成百封求職信, 爭0的想上門叩門.邊度揾到工, 我就去邊度啦.

我知澳洲好著重 referencing. 幾年前朋友係澳洲 working holiday, 揾我做referee. 個澳洲nursing Agency打長途電話黎香港,問我野, 幾認真. 早前我係 seek.com見到 Nursing Agency HealthX post 有份醫院工,咪apply lor. HealthX 個staff 電話interview 咗兩次. 今日打比我, 話我 referee email 0既回覆太簡單. 澳洲求職要求寫0既野好鬼多. Referee 佢地通常要求係以前0既上司, 雖然我以前 NO, SRN都好好, 肯做我referee, 但希望快D 揾到工啦, 煩到佢地, 唔好意思.

另外揾工期間見到 nurse Grade 5
D 乜Grade 物 Grade, 澳洲護士人工可以睇下呢個表, 仲有大家關心0既人工 https://www.health.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0020/441443/nurses-midwives-wagerates.pdf

有間nursing agency interview 問題如下:
1. 7 rights (我答以前學0既3 check 5 right), 佢講多咗樣 right to refuse
2.  What would you do if a patient complain of chest pain
3. As a team leader
4. what motivate you as a nurse
5 what difficulty to expect

唔知係咪我表現差, agency 無晒聲氣. 其他agency 連in 0既機會都無, 因為有0的寫明要有一年澳洲nursing 經驗. 經過呢四星期 job hunting, 感覺 QLD  揾工最難, 好快被turn down, 或被要求好多文件. NSW 只係要求面試前要有 Working with Children Check . Victoria 感覺最易. 今日skype interview 咗 Melbourne 醫院, 題目如下:
1. 識用咩equipment . 知唔知wound suction unit
2. 對該醫院0既認識
3  chest pain scenario, TNG
4. surgical scenario, pt with open cholecystectomy, drop BP, increased drainage....fluid challenge, blood transfusion
5. preference of specialty
6 why apply to xx hospital
7 difference in practice between aus and hk
8. what support do u expect from us when you start to work
9. how to deal with difficult patient
10. how to deal with conflict with coworker
11. how u work in a team
12 how you handle a OSH issue
13. you work with a senior registered nurse. seem that she's not following the care plan and you did most of the work. what would you do
14, scenrio: At the same time 1. your manager asked to you to send to patient to radiology 2. a patient prone to fall 3 another patient complained of chest pain. What would you do
15. experience of making a difference of a patient

2 acfi
3 how u manage if u found a resident hurt

得閒儲下CPD (即香港0既 CNE)  <——多謝James Foo分享😊
Nursing Online CPD Website











CVAD (free CPD)

2017年6月20日 星期二


Last Update 21.1.2018

黎咗Brisbane 一個月 , 想同大家分享下我0既新移民生活 (我會不定時 update )

同老公剛到步, 住係朋友家, 朋友比咗好多有用資料

開銀行戶口, 一星期左右收到銀行咭.
係政府一站通 My Gov https://mygov.au 網上申請 tax file number 同去政府部門填表申請 Medicare  參考澳大利亞Medicare Card醫保使用攻略大全
香港車牌轉澳洲車牌. 去 Transport Department, 帶身份証明文件(我用 passport + 2張香港銀行咭,不過唔係間間centre 都接受--奇怪吧! 我見市中心0既比較嚴緊)  + 住址証明. 香港私家車牌可直接轉澳洲私家車牌. 但輕型貨車要考筆試. 不過澳洲成日改, 當然最update要睇返 https://www.qld.gov.au/transport/licensing/driver-licensing/overseas/transfer/index.html
參考昆省考駕照記 http://shujenchang.name/archives/road-rule-test-in-queensland.html
申請電子道路收費 https://www.govia.com.au/

朋友係 https://www.alphacarhire.com.au/ 租車 . 網上搞, 租一個月, 每日都係 aud 廿幾蚊. 我同老公walk in Hertz , 租兩日, 成 aud 8x /日. 29/5/2017 我地買咗車.
入油可以用電話app e.g. Fuel Map 睇下邊度平
推介 7-Eleven Fuel app 趁低位 lock 油價, lock 咗7日內用, 仲有 regular free coffee, 唔少優惠

電話 mobile sim 咭,收得最好係Telstra, 當然亦最貴. 我 working holiday 時用optus, 宜家用vodafone, 如果你唔介意等3日張 sim 咭寄黎, Lebara mobile 係個扺用選擇. Aldi mobile 都平. 平0既, 門市相對少, 乜野都網上搞掂.

Aldi 超市比我以前認識0既 WoolworthColes 更平. 賣平野0既,仲有 REJECT SHOP.不時會去 Target, Kmart ....食同著都揾到平野. 係後悔無帶香港個拖板, 電腦線等.
www.wish.com 類似淘寶網

朋友家住北區, 亞洲人較少, 治安好好. 睇下https://data.police.qld.gov.au/CrimeStatsMobile/#/map 。加上高地,水浸無咁驚。朋友都唔會太多出city. 泊車貴, 又難揾位.我出city 的話,會泊係Myer 商塲。週末AUD 10 /day. 若夠早係網上book 定,aud 5/day. City 捉違例泊車好嚴。我有次泊咗架車係公園草地5小時左右,返黎見到阿sir 影緊相。我車頭玻璃張告票寫住 aud 245(是次警告,唔使比),我唔敢再犯啦。我擺低架車,走咗去搭船。用go card( Qld 八達通)Citycat aud 2.xx 可2小時單程任搭船或接駁巴士。Cityhopper 半小時一班,免費。

朋友建議 https://www.worldfirst.com/au/

SBS 電台每日2小時廣東話節目

2017年4月8日 星期六


last update: 6.2.2018 (紅色為更新資料)

綜合網上資料,個人同朋友經驗, 希望幫到同係護士0既你!
由於澳洲政策經常變, 網站內容有機會唔 update. 不過我收到風都會儘量update 

我無揾agent,自己搞獨立技術移民visa 189
想從技術移民澳洲,首先要英文試合格—>交表 AHPRA申請澳洲護士牌 —>交表 ANMAC進行 skill assessment —> Immigration網上填寫EOI (EXPRESSION OF INTEREST) —> 收到簽証申請邀請信 —> 申請簽證

19/9/17 UPDATE 有blog友提供資料, after passing eng test 可先做 ANMAC full assessment > AHPRA

英文試建議大家考專for醫護人0既 Occupational English Test (OET)  https://www.occupationalenglishtest.org/ 香港每個月都有得考,費用比 International Englsih Language Testing System (IELTS) 貴一倍,但比較易. 我考咗4次IELTS都肥, OET 一 take pass.其他人亦有類似經驗. 如果你想考 IELTS的話,我朋友建議報考 IDP https://www.idp.com/hongkong/ielts-hk,比British Council 好. 另外一個比 ielts 易0既英文試 PTE http://pearsonpte.com/ . 朋友老公肥4次 ielts ,亦一take pass PTE.
PTE reference website|:


合格成績為 OET 4 個 B 或 IELTS 4個 7 (我 IELTS speaking得 6, 但 OET speaking 攞 B).如果未能一take pass, 可以 combine半年0既成績, 但OET至少C, IELTS 至少6. 但注意combine 成績後, 過到 AHPRA 同ANMAC, 但你要計計自己申請移民夠唔夠分, 因為英文試一take 過, 起碼為申請visa 帶黎10分或以上.see Point Table /  

Australia Skilled Immigration Points Test Calculator

see OET備試及 題目sharing

申請澳洲護士牌去AHPRA(Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency)網頁http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Registration-and-Endorsement/International/Applying-for-registration.aspxdownload form AGOS-40 填 FORM, 準備以下文件.

部分文件要 certify true copy, 穩鎮做法係澳洲領事館網上約期, 好貴HKD 4 xx /page.問過律師certify true copy仲貴. 朋友可介紹收得平0既律師, 可留聯絡資料我 pm你.太平紳士免費。雖然AHPRA 個 list https://www.ahpra.gov.au/Registration/Registration-Process/Certifying-Documents.aspx 內澳洲護士可以certify true copy,  我朋友得, 但我個 registration officer 唔接受Certify True copy文件包括: passport, Academic Transcript , Academic Completion Certificate (唔止大學畢業, 連中學張高考成績佢都要), 英文試成績, 工作證明

要寫份 CV 參考 https://www.ahpra.gov.au/Registration/Registration-Process/Standard-Format-for-Curriculum-Vitae.aspx
Clinical / Procedural Skills 方面我咁寫Competent in the following areas:Assessment,planning, implementation and evaluation of care.fall assessment, oxygen therapy
Documentation and communication
monitor vital signs including blood pressure, pulse, temperature,oxygen saturation,blood glucose monitoring and GCS
administration of medication( including IV, topical, sublingual, subcutaneous,IM, oral, rectal) and chemotherapy
intravenuous infusion therapy , blood transfusion and venepuncture
administering enemas
Central catheter care e.g. Hickman line and PICC
tracheostomy care and suctioning
Enteral feeding
Bipap care
Wound care
removal of sutures,drains and staples
monitor fluid electrolyte balance
pressure ulcer prevention
health promotion
pre and post operative care
peritoneal dialysis
urinary catheterisation
Bladder irrigation(Post TURP)

當時香港護士管理局要我寫封信, 內容係要求nursing council 填以下2張 form , 再由香港護士管理局直接寄去 AHPRA (我叫佢寄去 perth)
1. Request for accreditation - program of study 
2. Nursing Council - Application for Verification of Registration 
另外你護士畢業0既學校亦要填 Request for accreditation - education institution ,由學校填好寄比AHPRA
若你畢業0既護士課程 AHPRA 唔認可(取決如你畢業0個年University Grants Committee有冇assess) , AHPRA可能會要求你讀 Bridging Course, 先比澳洲護士牌你. 我見推介 Monash University http://www.med.monash.edu.au/nursing/academy/iron.html. 我朋友PolyU 畢業生讀咗Bridging Course, 亦有HKU 畢業生上訴成功後, 唔洗讀bridging course.

4/2016考OET. 3/5/2016知合格.
7/6/2016 AHPRA  registration officer email通知我補交資料.
26/7/16 收到 principle approval of registration subject to proof of identity. 一年內要現身澳洲. 所以八月中飛咗去澳洲 Brisbane AHPRA 出示 passport 同提供澳洲住址証明.  借朋友地址, 早上係澳洲銀行開戶(我揀Commonwealth bank).叫銀行職員print 住址證明, 跟住去AHPRA. 晚上收到EMAIL ,成為澳洲護士啦! 不過正式張澳洲護士CERT, AHPRA係一個月內, 寄去澳洲地址.

但Baby Kingdom有分享指佢地去Melbourne AHPRA 就無咁順利 . 詳情click here and here 
Melbourne AHPRA職員亦要求住址証明有銀行0既chop 印. Adelaide 亦好煩咁

提提大家係澳洲, 可以揾澳洲太平紳士CERTIFY TRUE COPY 免費架! 上網SEARCH 時間地點 (有醫院, 圖書館等), 部份需預約. 參考  
Find a Justice of the Peace

Modified Skill Assessment http://www.anmac.org.au/skilled-migration-services/registered-nurse/registered-nurse-modified-skills-assessment



Baby Kingdom 會員提供資料:
如果你年資夠3年但在不同 specialty工作過, 記得寄埋employment letter (有齊所有specialty工作時段),因ANMAC check list 上寫左有需要先要你寄. 但通常你只會有一封reference letter 和只列出個別specialty 時段加上係唔同ANZSCO code

澳洲領事館唔會CERTIFY TRUE COPY 作移民用途. 我就揾咗太平紳士(區議員黎0既), 免費😀

21/11/2016 收到 Letter of Determination (for  migration purpose 兩年有效). 跟手send 埋 EOI
21/12/2016 收到  invitation申請189 visa. 開個
 ImmiAccount, 做以下三樣野:(見 Visa 189的 document checklist)

1. 去指定中心做 body check ( 抽血, 照肺, 醫生問下病歷)
2.  Certified True copy e.g 學歷, work experience.....然後upload 上 ImmiAccount. 可以搵律師或JP.我係揾 Certified Public Accoutant (Practising) 幫我簽的.  我朋友建議
 email him scanned file,he will colour print n sign
Then u bring original ,let him check n collect

原來 blog 友揾香港護士同事簽, 當時我知的話,可以慳返成千蚊
3. 去香港警局做良民証

16/2/2017 收到officer email.有referral letter 做良民証。依以下網站,電話預約。
警署職員話大概一個月, 以掛號形式寄到澳洲

Visa Application Processing Time

5/4/ 2017 Visa 批咗啦! 要6/7/2017 前,要到澳洲.

多謝朋友同網友0既無私分享! 大家加油! 祝成功!
Baby Kingdom


[澳洲RN]護理師執照申請   <-台灣護士寫0既

【澳洲RN申請】 經驗分享 part IV - Bridging Program (IRON course) 課室心得 

費用共 $ 58260

OET HKD 3378
Hong Kong Nursing Council(2次) HKD 390
fit2work HKD 1227/ AUD 163.9
Certified True copy by Aus Consulate
HKD 840
AHPRA(申請澳洲護士牌) HKD 3038
HKD 7000
AHPRA (send Aus Registration to ANMAC) HKD 302
老公考 IELTS HKD 1930
189 visa (兩公婆) HKD 31045
Certified true copy by CPA HKD 1000
~HKD 5000
良民証(2人) HKD 420

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